Mama's Shortbread- simple, decadent, delicious.

Today is my very first blog post. Where to begin? How about I start with the simplest and most delicious recipe I know--Mama's Special Shortbread. Mama makes it for Christmas, and in Greek they're called Kourambiethes. So many friends and family have begged Mama for the recipe, and now it's here. It's decadent because of the butter and sugar, but hey, you don't eat it every day, right?

Mama's Special Shortbread features in Ella's Secret Family Recipes--make it and you'll soon see what all the fuss is about!

1 cup clarified, unsalted butter or ghee (at room temperature)

2 ½ cups plain (all purpose) flour sifted with 1 tbsp corn flour

1 cup sifted pure icing (powdered) sugar

Additional icing sugar for dusting

Beat butter until fluffy. Gradually add icing sugar, beating well in between until very creamy and pale. Fold in sifted flours to make a soft dough. Do not work dough but knead very lightly to amalgamate. Roll into walnut sized balls. Place on ungreased tray and press centre of each ball with lightly floured thumb, to flatten slightly and create a dimple. If desired, place a blanched almond into each dimple. Bake at 160 deg C or 325F for 20 to 25 mins, until very slightly coloured. They must be handled carefully as they are very short and crumbly. Allow to cool on the baking tray. Dust with icing sugar when cold. Makes about 3 dozen.

#deliciousshortbread #kourambiethes #traditionalgreekchristmascookies

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