ABC Radio interview

Today was a big day, starting with Bowral and concluding with the ABC radio's Nightlife interview with Dominic Knight, talking about Ella's Secret Family Recipes, food, cooking and the importance of food to culture and traditions. I am bowled over by how nice the presenters are, how gentle they are to newbies like me, and how forgiving. I was treated unbelievably well by everyone at the ABC.

I now have a real appreciation about how hard their job is. Interviewing on radio requires real skill and vast knowledge. Dom had done his research and was so helpful when I ran out of steam. The interview will air nationally on Nightlife tonight.

T.W. and I arrived at the studio early and I left him on the couch while I "powdered my nose". I came back to find him gesticulating in the direction of the backs of three people walking down the corridor. I can recognise the legs of an old rocker anywhere. I'd just missed Richie Sambora and extraordinary guitarist girlfriend Orianthi Panagaris. Did I mention I'm a fan of Bon Jovi? Orianthi is one of the best rock guitarists in the world. Great timing! Running after them would have been just too tacky. T.W.'s still laughing.

I survived the interview and, by the end, was actually relaxed enough to enjoy it. Thanks Dominic Knight and the ABC!


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