The American Governess is Coming!

I'm excited to announce that my latest book is on pre-order right now on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia and Kobo, with other sites to follow soon.

Set on an outback cattle station and following the journeys of two Americans: modern-day backpacker Chase Miller and 1960's governess Rebecca Golding, The American Governess examines Australian and American society of the time.

So, how much of it is true?

I spend a lot of time researching before a single word appears on the page. Over the decades, I've travelled extensively through Australia and the USA, and I'm fortunate that my husband and thriller-writer TW Lawless grew up on his family's North Queensland cattle station. The characters and situations are fictional, and The American Governess is definitely not a family memoir, however the situations in which the characters find themselves are absolutely based on reality.

I hope you read The American Governess, not because I wrote it, but because it offers an insight into another world and another time.

Cattle yards at Lornesleigh Station

#cattlestation #NorthQueensland #NewYork #1960s #Brooklyn #teachingintheoutback #ruralfiction

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